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Engagement Agreement

Subject to a conflict check, the following terms of engagement are agreed to by you (“you” or the “Client”) and JMR Law Group, PLLC (“JMR” or “we”) (the “Engagement”). If there is a conflict after payment of the fixed fee(s) you agreed to when making your online payment, or we are unable to make the requested filing, we will refund all fees to you within seven days and will not be able to represent you. Otherwise, the following are the terms of the Engagement (we recommend you save a copy of these terms for your file).

Fees. For trademark prosecution work, we will bill you according to the fees quoted in our online filing solutions. Once that filing(s) is made, JMR is under no obligation to continue representing you. If hourly work is requested, necessary, and agreed to by both parties we will spell out our fees to you in writing at that time.

Refunds: Your payment for the services requested are fully refundable until the services are rendered by JMR. Services rendered means once JMR has made your filing.

Consent: You understand and acknowledge that JMR makes USPTO filings on behalf of a number of clients and it is possible that those clients are competitors of yours or adverse to you. You confirm you understand this, please ask us if you do not, and consent to these filings. As noted above, if JMR determines there is a direct conflict of interest with your filing, we will not be able to represent you.

Termination: You may terminate our services at any time for any reason. We may also withdraw from representation at any time; including, in particular, if our fees are not paid in a timely manner, or for a reason required or permitted by professional rules. For fillings with the USPTO, our engagement ends once the relevant filing is filed with he the USPTO. Again, we will not refund any fees paid for filings made.

Confidentiality: Generally, it is in the best interests of you to keep communications between JMR and you confidential. Disclosure of our communications could jeopardize the attorney client privilege, so we advise against the disclosure of privileged information/communications to any third parties. Anything you disclose to me is, of course, privileged and confidential.

We will represent your interests vigorously and endeavor to complete our services to your satisfaction. We encourage you to ask questions if anything regarding our representation is not clear, advise us of any developments that may impact our work for you, and please let us know if you have any concerns about our services or fees.

If there are any questions with the terms of our representation please contact us at [email protected]. You agree to these terms by checking the boxes provided. You should keep a copy of this Engagement Agreement in your files.

Once again, JMR Law Group appreciates the opportunity to work with you.

Very truly yours,

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Jason M. Rhodes